Memorial to Holocaust Victims at Mt. Hebron Cemetery, NYC, USA

Courtesy of Myrna Lande Lewis daughter of Isadore Lande,
second cousin to Morris Meideman from Litin.

This monument is on the Litiner Podolier Aid Society 's plot in Mt. Hebron Cemetery, NYC. It is in memory of the 3940 Jews from the town of Litin who were murdered by the Nazis during 1941-1943, & are buried in two mass graves in the town. Though the society it self is defunct, there is a fund that is responsible for the upkeep of the cemetery grounds.

There was a committee of four for the memorial. One of the members of the committee was Izrael Kaplan, cousin of Morris Meideman and second cousin of Isadore Lande.

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Carved in Granite:
Holocaust Memorials in Metropolitan New York Jewish Cemeteries
Alvin M. Poplack
pg 46-47
One of the first monuments dedicated to the martyrs [of the Holocaust] was erected by the Litiner Podolier Aid Organization and Ladies Auxiliary. It was dedicate in 1947 and is located at Mt. Hebron Cemetery. Several points make it a memorial of note. First, it is one of only four that were erected so soon after the Holocaust came to an end. Second, it lists the number of marytrs, 3,940 and states that they were buried in two mass graves. Third, it is one of the few memorials considered in this study that proclaims the number six million. Fourth, it also memorializes sons of organization members who lost their lives in the service as United States soldiers, as follows: "Lieutenants David Lipton and Phillip Mordkowitz, Officers of the United States of America Air Force - they gave their lives that others may live".

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