People burried in the Litin-Podolier Plot at MT. Hebron Cemetery NY
The names on this list have been volunteered by their families.
Society Cemetery Name Notes Society Type
Litiner Podolier Aid Society, Inc. Mt. Hebron Block 24,
Path 3
Family Name Family Members Descendant of Year Source
Gold (Goldfeld) Irving husband of Pauline Sept. 18, 1957 grandson
Gold (Goldfeld) Pauline wife of Irving Dec. 25, 1984 grandson
Kaplan Anna wife of Izrael 1979 family
Kaplan Bessie mother of Izrael 1961 family
Kaplan Izrael member of Litin Monument Committee 1981 family
Leiner Anna wife of Saul, sponsor of Litin Monument family
Leiner Gertrude wife of Jack family
Leiner Jack son of Saul, member of Litin Monument Committee 1992 son
Leiner Saul son of Nusen Leiner, grandson of Moshe Leiner
sponsor of Litin Monument
1934 grandson
Leiner Trenk Rebecca daughter of Nusen Leiner and Reise Kesselman 1985 family
Trenk Joseph husband of Rebecca Leiner Trenk family
Neuhauser Jeanette daughter of Izrael Kaplan 2000 family
Neuhauser Marshall husband of Jeanette 1966 family
Entrance to Litin Podolier Aid Society Plot
Thanks to Richard Gold for taking the picture, February 2004

Below - Pictures after the tornado in October 2010
Thanks to Richard Gold for the information and pictures.