NAME LIST - translated by Aleksander Solts

of German-fascist criminals and their accomplices who commited crimes on the temporarily occupied territory of the USSR

Grodno oblast, Vasilishki district

Copies of the original Soviet documents were obtained from the US Holocaust Memorial Museum.  The call number is RG-22.002M.  The records for Vasilishki are item 7021-86-36, on reel 13.
Nr.  Name, Surname Nationality Military rank and position Civil service rank and position Name of military unit, institution or organization, to which this person belongs  Description of commited crime Role played in the commited crime Place where crime was commited District, oblast, act or any other file where given person goes through
1.  Windisch German Stabs-Leiter Town of Lida, Sonder-Truppen "SS" Mass murder  Led a mass-murder Vasilishki  Vasilishki district
2.  Beck, Heinrich -"- Lieutenant Village of Ostrino, Gendarmerie -"-  Led gendarmes in mass-murder village of Zinyaki -"- 
3.  Hein, Karl -"- Amst-Kommissar Village of [Ost]rino, Amst-Kommissariat -"- 
4.  Triskin -"- -"-  Village of Novyj-Dvor, Amst-Kommissar Mass murder led [....] mass-murder village of Zinyaki -"- 
5.  Yezhevski Pole Police commandant  Village of [...]shiki, Police -"-  Active participant in mass-murder  Vasilishki  -"- 
6.  Shmigira -"- Deputy Police commandant -"-  -"-  -"-  -"-  -"- 
7.  Tubelevich -"- policeman -"-  -"-  -"-  -"-  -"- 
8.  Shmigira, Witold -"- Burger-meister Vasilishki [Gmi]na -"-  -"-  -"- 
9.  Vasnyukevich
10.  Zhurup Nikolai Byelorussian Warden village of Zinyaki, Naroshanskii selsoviet -"- 

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