Soviet Extraordinary Commission Inquiry into War Crimes in Vasilishki

Copies of the original Soviet documents were obtained from the US Holocaust Memorial Museum.  The call number is RG-22.002M.  The records for Vasilishki are item 7021-86-36, on reel 13.  Because of copyright considerations, we cannot post Aleksander Solts' full translation of the narrative portions of the inquiry, and are instead listing the atrocities reported.  The copies we received of these portions of the document were very faint, and it's amazing that Aleksander Solts was able to decipher nearly all of it.

It was possible to compile a list of 1498 men nurdered in the area.  A total of 2855 men were shot, hanged or tortured.  598 were set to forced labor.

The committee compiling these data consisted of:
Chairman of the Commission - MELNIKOV FYODOR YAKOLYEVICH -secretary of district's Party Committee;
secretary of Commission - UTIN VIKTOR IVANOVICH, secretary of district's Executive Committee
and members of the Commission - DVOYNIAKOV TRO(FIM?)...,  chief ....,
GORODEYCHIK BORIS IVANOVICH,  deputy of secretary of district's Executive Committee,
SAVELYEVA MARIYA IVANOVNA,  acting director of district's health department,
BUBNOV IVAN GRIGORYEVICH,  director of district's educational department,
CHEKHOVSKOI IVAN NIKOLAYEVICH - technician of district's municipal services

A short testimony by  Galina Vasil'yevna Kuzmich, born 1917, a telephone operator, as to the event of April 22, 1994 in ZINYAKI is included.   She added the detail that bodies were piled into the threshing barns in layers, covered with straw, then more bodies piled, unitl the barens were full, then set on fire.   She also said that the  Zinyaki village warden Nikolai Zhurup collaborated actively with the Germans and left with them after his village was burnt.

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