Indictment against Kurt Schulz-Isenbeck for participating in the murder of at least 90 Jewish men in Lida

Translation of  document 45 Js 15/62 by Irene Newhouse
posted with permission of the Zentrale Stelle der Landesjustizverwaltungen

The Director of the Central Office in North Rhine-Westphalia for the Investigation of National Socialist Mass Crimes at the District Attorney Dortmund.

45 Js 15/62    Dortmund, 30 June 1970


Preliminary Investigation underway

The Kriminalhauptkommisar Kurt Schulz-Isenbeck [address given in original], born 23 October 1912 in Unna/Westf.
defended by Attorney Hartwich I [address given in original]

is indicted of:
on  July 1941 in Lida/USSR having assisted materially in the premeditated as well as cruel and devious killlings of at least 90 people.

The accused, who was a member of Einsatzkommando 9 as SS-Obersturmfuehrer, is accused of having executed a mass shooting in Lida/USSR on 5 July 1974 as one of the leaders of a squad of Einsatzkommando 9 on the orders of the leader of the Kommando, at that time the SS-Obersturmbannfuehrer Filbert, during which, in the framework of realization of the “Final Solution to the Jewish Question” by the then national socialist government, at least 90 male Jews, mostly of draft age, under the excuse they were being taken to forced labor or registration, were collected and subsequently shot near Lida in a field of bomb craters.  The Jewish victims were shot in groups of 5 by carbine salvos from the back, so that the next victims, waiting close by, were forced to witness the deaths of their fellow victims.

The crime, punishable according to section 211 of the old & new statutes, 49, 73 Abs. 1 StGB

Significant findings of the investigation & preliminary inqury
    A. Personal circumstances and evolution of the accused
    B.  Prehistory of the crime
        I.  The national socialist policy on annhilation of Jews
      II.   Establishment, organization and assignments of the Sonder [Special] & Einsatzkommandos in gerneral
     III.  Einsatzkommando 9
    C.  The mass executions of 7/5/1941 in Lida
    D.  Admissions of the accused
    E.  Evaluation of the admissions
    E. [sic] Legal evaluation
    F. Jurisdiction

Disposition of the case

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