Disposition of the case against Kurt Schulz-Isenbeck for participating in the murder of at least 90 Jewish men in Lida

The case was dropped and the accused given immunity from further prosecution [something like double jeopardy in the US].   The grounds for dismissal were that there was no longer any physical evidence that Schulz-Isenbeck had been in Lida.  The primary witnesses, who’d picked out his photograph, were sure it had been him, but could not be positive it hadn’t been someone who looked a lot like him.  Particularly troubling to the judges in the case was that the eye witnesses differed in their description of the color of the Nazi uniforms, neither of them identifying the gray that they must have worn.

On the other hand, though the accused’s story is full of contradictions, one vital statement, that he’d never been in Lida, could not be disproved conclusively.  Testimony of former Nazi officers as to when and if there had ever been a permanent Liaison Officer for EK 9 was contradictory and inconclusive.

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