Kwekwe, Zimbabwe
Que Que, Southern Rhodesia

This web site is dedicated to the study of Jewish family history in the city of Kwekwe, Zimbabwe formerly known as Que Que, Southern Rhodesia

Rhodesia Map

Map of Rhodesia with Que Que roughly in the middle of the country

.In 1949/1950 Que Que had a Jewish population of about 70 persons, about 21 families. I use the word, about, as some came and some went in the 50s. Also, some passed away.

There is a link to the Jewish residents of Que Que further down this page.

The best known families were the Slomans (Solly and Mottel )  who owned Sloman's Stores , the largest departmental store (and the only one, except for Que Que Stores which closed down in about 1953) in town. It sold just about everything, if you could find it; the store was in such a mess! Solly was a true philantropist, and he looked after all the down and outs of town, mainly gold smallworkers.His son-in-law, Mr Schmerel also worked in the store.

Then there was Mr Rick, who owned a furniture shop and also sold bicycles; he passed away. Working for him as bookkeeper was old Mrs Bertha Haimowitz, whose husband died in about 1951.

The only bakery in town was owned by the Phillipsons (their son is a Veterinarian who lives on Vancouver Island).

Dr. Morris Hirsch was the city doctor and he was elected Mayor and later a member of Parliament

Isaac Goldberg was the chief geologist on the Globe and Phoenix Gold Mine

The concession store on the Gaika mine was owned by Barney Kahn. Mrs Kahn ran the butchery, Barney imported Rhodesia's first Cadilac but he couldn't drive it at first. He got a licence for himself and Dora without being tested!! She only knew how to go forward, but couldn't back-up! Such was the life!

The community had a tiny synagogue on Burma road, across the main railway line. They managed to hold services on most yomtavim, led by one of the locals.

  Kosher meat used to come from Bulawayo, with the train coming in at midnight. In the summer, the meat really stank!
  • Location: 18°55' S 29°49' E in the Midlands of Zimbabwe

  • Other Name: Que Que




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