Kwekwe, Zimbabwe
Que Que, Southern Rhodesia

Dr. Hirsch Opening Jewish Community

Dr. Hirsch opening the Jewish Community Center early 50’s  The Ark is behind the closed wooden doors behind the lectern.   Mr. Ashkenazi “Ash” is seated on the left.  The Hall was designed so it could be rented out for non denominational purposes as well.  In the mid 50’s we acquired a rabbi which we shared with Gwelo and Gatooma.

Dr. Hirsch Opening Cricket Season 1954

Cricket Season.  When Mayor of Que Que in the early 50’s Dr. Morris Hirsch opened the cricket season at the new Que Que Sports Club and at many other venues….the flower show etc.

Mrs. Hirsch sign Honours Book with Mayor

Mrs. Joan Hirsch was awarded Civic Honors and signs the book with Mayor Jenkinson…(late 60’s early 70’s)

Dr Hirsch
          Opening Flower Show

Flower Show opening early 50’s.  The Horticultural show was a big annual event.  Dr. Morris Hirsch (mayor)  is standing, with Mrs. Joan Hirsch seated on the right beside him.  Old Mrs. Ellsworth to the extreme left.

Garden Party at the Swimming Bath

Garden Party at the Swimming Bath  early 50’s  Sir John and Lady Kennedy open the new QQ swimming bath (33 1/3 yds x 25 yds).  Mrs. Joan Hirsch petitioned the State Lotteries for funding and won on condition that the Que Que Council undertook to maintain it there after.  Council opposed it.  Dr. Morris Hirsch entered public life in order to override this decision.  Dr. and Mrs. Hirsch flank the Governor and Lady Kennedy at the center table.

Girl Guides opening Echo Park, early

Girl Guides opening Echo Park, early 60’s.  Mrs. Joan Hirsch spearheaded the acquisition of a permanent camp ground for the Girl Guides, Echo Park, at Dutchman’s Pool, outside Que Que.  A lodge was build there to house the camping equipment and so on.  The whole town was very supportive and generous with their donations.  It was a town achievement.

Mrs. Hirsch Girl
          Guides Planning meeting

Mrs. Joan Hirsch Girl Guides Planning meeting.  Mrs. Hirsch had been a very keen Girl Guide ever since her childhood (in Johannesburg SA) and she introduced guiding to Que Que in the early 50’s.  Seen here standing on the right on of their front lawn at #1 Silver Oaks Road (Globe and Phoenix Mine doctor’s residence).

Lancaster House.

Lancaster House.  London.  Dr.  Morris Hirsch was the architect of the 1960 Constitution that was negotiated at Lancaster House in London Dec 1960 and following talks in Salisbury in Jan 1961.  He is seen here seated 6th from the back on the right hand side.

Nonsense Gala.
          Mid 60’s

Nonsense Gala. Mid 60’s  Joan Hirsch on the left, Irene Johnson (center) and Mary Morrison on right.  These water ballets and nonsense events were written directed and produced by Mrs. Hirsch.  The whole town participated and they were great fun.

Que Que First
          Musical. 1953

Que Que First Musical.  1953.  In Mother Nature’s Garden.  Mrs. Hirsch (center stage in Guide uniform) wrote the play in conjunction with Girl Guide Thinking Day.  It was performed at the Forthingham Hall on the Globe and Phoenix Mine Property and was to be the first of many musicals she wrote, directed and produced over the next twenty years or so.  87 were on stage for the Grand finale of this first effort and thereafter it just grew.  Everyone wanted to be a part of it and the community pitched in with what ever talent they had to offer.  They were memorable for all.

Dr. Morris Hirsch in the center and flanked by Dr. Ward on the left and Dr. Adlington on the right. Outside Que Que Hospital about 1948

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