Kupishok: The Memory StrongerKupishok: The Memory Stronger


Kupishok: The Memory Stronger

"Kupishok: The Memory Stronger" is a 74 page memoir by Stanley Meyersohn, written in 1980. Meyersohn gives the history of the Jews in Kupiskis, and describes his search for his relatives from the town. He details the death of the Jewish community of Kupiskis in the Summer of 1941 at the hands of the specialized German killing unit, Einsatzkommando 3, (part of Einsatzgruppe A), and their Lithuanian assistants. He also interviews two Jewish survivors from Kupiskis, both now living in Israel. The book includes three maps and several photos.

A number of  Kupiskis families are mentioned in the book, including Meyersohn's relatives the Tubers and the Polins. Other family names mentioned include Trapido, Glazer, Shapiro, Reznikovith, Resnikoff, Gershuni, Ash, Shusterman, Binbinder, Levinson, Ginsburg and Traub.

Reprinted with the kind permission of the author.

Hand drawn Map of Kupiskis


Stanley Meyersohn's fascinating memoir is available in full, thanks to Joel Alpert, Jewishgen's Yizkor Books in Print coordinator and his volunteers.  They took a typed document and transcribed it so that we could share it.

The Memory Stronger, part 1 

The Memory Stronger, part 2 


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