Krivichi, Belarus

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Krivichi, Belarus

Latitude: 54º43' Longitude: 27º17'

Alternate names: Krivichi [Rus], Krzywicze [Pol], Krivitch [Yid],
Kryvičy [Bel], Krivitsh, Krzywcze, Kshivche, Kryvitsh, Krevitsh

The name derives from The Krivichi Tribe;
The Krivichi was one of the tribal unions of Early East Slavs
between the 6th and the 12th centuries.
They inhabited the upper reaches of the Volga, Dnieper, Western Dvina,
areas south of the lower reaches of river Velikaya and parts of the Neman basin.
According to Vasmer, the name of the tribe probably stems from that
of their forefather kniaz Kriv, whose sobriquet derives from the adjective
krivoy ("crooked/twisted") due to some possible birth defect.
According to Jan Stankievič, the name of the tribe probably stems from that
of their forefather Kriv, whose sobriquet derives from the adjective
"kroŭ", "kryvi". "Kryvič" which mean ("blood, blood relationship")

At some point in the 6th century the Krivichs left the Carpathian Mountains
and spread northeast, absorbing scanty Finno-Ugric and Baltic tribes.
The Krivichs played a prominent role in colonization of the area between the rivers
Volga and Klyazma. Together with the Dregovichs, Radimichs, Polochans
and some Baltic tribes they were the forefathers of the modern Belarusian nation.

Pre War Region: Vilna. Belarusian: Крывічы. Russian: Кривичи. Yiddish: קריוויטש
21 miles NE of Vilyeyka (Wilejka), 9 miles WNW of Dolginovo (Dolhinov).

Other nearby old Jewish Communities: Budslav 8 miles NE , Nivki 8 miles SW ,
Kraysk 16 miles SSE,Parafyanovo 17 miles NE, Myadzyel 17 miles NW,
Kurenets 18 miles SW, Ilya 21 miles S, Vyazyn 21 miles SSW,
Dokshytsy 22 miles NE, Dunilovichi 24 miles, Narach 28 miles WNW .

Brief Timeline:
1330s-1790s; Part of the Polish Lithuanian Kingdom, Province; Wilno/Vilnius .
1790s'-1915: ( Until WWI) Town; Krivichi, District; Vilejka, Province; Vilna, Country;
Russian Empire According to Joel Ratner's statistical analysis of the
1897 All Russia Census, the Vileika district town of Krivichi had a population of 519.
1920-1939 (between the wars): Town; Krzywicze, District; Wilejka, Province;
Wilno, Country; Poland
(1939-1941) Annexed by the Soviets
1941-1944 Under Nazi Occupation
1944-1990s): After WWII Town; Krivichi, Country; Soviet Union
1990s- 2010: Town; Krivichi, Country; Belarus

Jewish Population in 1900: 457


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Krivichi and Kurenitz benevolent societies

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Yisrael Isar Katzovich

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