Statement about Atrocities of Fascists in the small town of Knishin, Bialystok Province, Byelorussia
(From the Central Archives of Russian Ministry of Defense, Fund of 19th Army, Inventory 9733, Case 120,Sheet 80)

We are citizens Czuter Stephan, Lenkina, Jambal Zezhim, Valczezhan Jadviga, and representatives of the Red Army Military unit, Major Aizin, Captain Shekurov, Major Andreev, Foreman Plaksina, Foreman Kurganov who wrote this statement as follows:

At the beginning of the year 1942, German bandits drove away to the Chervony Jar (Red Ravine) all Jews from the town and bordering area (total 5,000 individuals) all of whom were executed by shooting.


August 10, 1944

(Obtained from Yad Vashem Archives, Jerusalem, Israel; translated from Russian to English by  Yelena Krimkevich, Dallas, TX.)


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