Siauliai uyezd

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Klykoliai area
Klykoliai area - 2000


Location:  56°22' N 22°50' E.
Other names: Klykoliai [Lith], Klikol [Yid], Klikl [Yid], Klikoli [Rus], Klikole [Pol], Klikul, Klykuolių, Klikolyay, Russian: Кликоли, Yiddish:  קליקל.
Population:  Jewish population in 1900  ± 600.
Nearest major cities:  151miles (244 km) NW of Vilnius; 35 miles NNW of Šiauliai (Shavl); 19 miles E of Mažeikiai, on the Latvian border.
35 miles NNW of Šiauliai (Shavl), 19 miles E of Mažeikiai on the Latvian border on the Vaidakste River about 5 kilometers north of Naujoje-Akmjane in Lithuania and about 10 kilometers south of Auce, Latvia. 1900 Jewish location: about 600. Słownik Geograficzny Królestwa Polskiego (1880-1902), IV, p. 145: "Klikole".
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Google Map of Klykoliai, Lithuania
The Dukedom of Lithuania (David Rumsey Map Collection)
Map of Russia 1883 (David Rumsey Map Collection)

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Memories and Family Stories

Ganz and Lahn Families - Roger Lippman

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Klykoliai Cemetery pictures, click here.

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