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Articles about Kimberley

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Interesting newspaper articles and also video clips and broadcasts pertaining to the Kimberley Jewish community:

Kimberley Jews and the Second World War

Mendel Apter and Fresh Lemons

Jewish Community of Upington

10 most important wholesalers in Kimberley

Jabotinsky’s Visit to Kimberley in 1938

Spanish Flu Epidemic in Kimberley October November 1918

The History of the UJW History of the Kimberley Branch

Read Leon Chonin’s article about Jewish Education in Kimberley  

Smous – the way many of our forefathers started out making a living in South Africa.

Read an article by Geraldine Auerbach MBE, London, January 2020. Smouse

Read the fascinating story of Alfred Beit, Rhodes special friend and collaborator (revised version posted December 2017)

Alexandersfontein - Kimberley’s Fashionable Resort

Where our parents and grandparents dined, danced and even had their honeymoons!   
By Geraldine Auerbach MBE (Posted September 2017)

History of Medicine on the Diamond Fields - Read the talk delivered by Dr Noel Kretzmar to the Scottish Society of the History of Medicine at his old Alma Mater, Edinburgh University in the 1970s  

The Harry Oppenheimer Barmitzvah Myth

Book review: The Last Mentsch’ a novel by Peter Bayer, partly set in Kimberley by Trevor Toube September 2015

Read Steve Lunderstedt’s historical article on the 112th anniversary of the opening of the Kimberley Memorial Road Synagogue from his site 'Kimberley Calls and Recalls...'

Read about the four Barmitzvahs that took place in Kimberley Shul in January 2005!

Read about the 110th anniversary celebrations of the Kimberley synagogue consecrated in 1902


Watch the SABC footage of the celebrations of 110 years on You Tube


Read an interesting article from 1931 about Colonel Sir David Harris

Read about the worrying cemetery murder

The Great Kimberley Diamond Robbery

Diamond Robbery

Wayne Sussman on Kimberley at Limmud Oz, Melbourne in June 14