Photos of Igumen (Igumen) Livshits School

(Private photos donated by Yakov Lifshitz, great grandson of Rabbi Girsh (G.M. Livshits).
Rabbi Girsh was born in Igumen in 1871. In the years 1898-1904 he worked as head of Jewish community of Igumen.
His wife, Ester Livshits, held a Jewish girl school.)

Two captions appear in Russian on the photo:
on the top Igumen; on the bottom E. Livshits secondary school (it can also be translated as specialized school).
The woman in the center is the donor's great grandmother E. B Livshits; the man is Rabbi G. M. Livshits.

Captions at bottom:
  - bottom left: Savings and loan association
(type of cooperative small-scale credit institutions, which existed in Russia in the second half of 19th century and first half of 20th century).
  - bottom right: E. Livshits secondary school
Captions on left side of photo:
  - bottom, left side caption: Rabbi Office
  - top, left side caption: Society of poor Allowances

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