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Mara Moustafine was born in Harbin, China, into a family with Jewish, Russian and Tatar roots and came to Australia as a child in 1959. Bilingual in Russian and English, she completed a Master of Arts in International Relations at the Australian National University. She has worked as a diplomat, intelligence analyst, journalist, a senior business executive in Asia and as National Director of Amnesty International Australia. She is the author of Secrets and Spies: The Harbin Files, Random House Australia, 2002.

Here are links to the text of a paper she presented at the International Seminar on the History and Culture of Harbin Jews in 2004, along with photographs and charts included in her presentation.  Permission to print was granted by Mara Moustafine on July 19, 2007.  These links are to PDF versions of the paper and the accompanying PowerPoint presentation.

My Family and Its City: Fifty Years in Harbin 1909-1959 (Paper)

My Family and Its City: Fifty Years in Harbin (Photographs and Charts - 4.32 megabytes)

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