Goniadz is a small town in Mońki county (Powiat of Mońki) in Podlaskie Voivodeship in northeastern Poland. The name of the town is sometimes written as Goniądz, Goniondzh, Gonyendz, Gonyadz, Gonyandz, Gonyondz, Gonyondzh or Goniondz. In Hebrew, it is written as: גאניאנדז 

Like many such European villages, Goniadz was the site of great tragedy during the second world war, when this area of Poland fell first to the German army, and then to troops of the Soviet Union. What remained of the Jewish population was lost to the Holocaust, but the story of Goniadz was carried around the world by those who emigrated to other countries, and was passed on to their descendants. 

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