Gargzdai (Gorzd), Lithuania

Town Diagram - Vilnius Archives (1862)

"The 1862 plan of the Gargzdai Catholic Church lands in the Town of Gargzdai which were situated among the lands of Mr. Renn"

These buildings seem to be the ones labelled "Vw." on the Karten des Deutschen Reiches. Vw. = Vorwerke = outworks. The "Vw." is shown here on the 1913-1915 map.

Janina Valinciute, Gargzdu (1998), p. 500, indicates that the Michael Archangel Church, built 1791, was in the form of a Latin cross.

At least one, and possibly two buildings from this era still exist today: the chapel (1840) and stone bell tower (1842). The present chapel is oriented in an E-W direction, while the diagram appears to show the chapel (at the NE corner of the Church complex?) oriented in a N-S direction. See also pre-1923 photo of chapel on a Gorzdy postcard.

These areas may be aligned with the Russian Map Showing Estate Lands (1886):

1862 and 1886

Above: 1862 strips superimposed on 1886 Map of Estate Lands
Note: Placement of Lower strip is uncertain

1886 without added strip

Above: 1886 Map without added strips

As discussed with respect to the similar town diagram of 1853, a portion of the lands which were attributed to the parsonage in 1853 and 1862, i.e. the eastern part of the long strip, were evidently part of the Estate by the time of the 1886 map.

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