Gargzdai (Gorzd), Lithuania

Blick v. Schlossplatz (acquired 1923)

"View from Palace Grounds"

Postcard acquired by Dr. Henry Boruchoff and wife Frances on visit to Lithuania in 1923.


Postcard provided courtesy of S. Arthur Boruchoff, M.D.

Note: In early 2013, a postcard bearing an identical photo, and postmarked January 4, 1918 in Laugallen, was sold on an auction site.  This pins down the date of the photograph to 1917 or before.

The photo was taken from the estate owned by Baron Eugene Rönne (1830 - 1895).  Barely visible in the distance, at the peak of the far hill and to the left (north) of the road, is Anielin, the estate owned by Baron Rönne's sister, Aniele Amalia Baroness Rönne (1832-1911).  At the start of the German invasion in June,1941, the Jewish women and children were held captive in Anielin until being shot in September, 1941.  Russian Military Map, 1910, shows Anielin to the north of the road shown in the postcard.  Arrow shows approximate direction of postcard view.

schloss platz map arrow

A more detailed map from 1886, from Lietuvos valstybinio istorijos archyvo f. 544, ap. 1, b. 4531, k. 1-3, is shown at Gargzdu Miesto Parkas and Gargzdu parkas. Faktai, p. 3:

1886 map

Arrow shows possible direction of postcard view:

1886 for palace
                view 1886 palace view

Road shown in the postcard photo is a cobblestone road, a portion of which still exists. Photo below shows road in 2008.  For aerial photo on Wikimapia, showing narrow road leading ESE through wooded area, click here.

anieliske road

The author is unaware of any other historical photographs showing Anielin.
Two modern photos of nearby woods and Anielino Mound (an archaeological site) appear here.  
Photos of Anieliske region at Tripmondo.
The area was barely missed by a series of aerial reconnaissance photos of Gargzdai taken by the Germans in January, 1945.

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