Gargzdai (Gorzd), Lithuania


Comparison of Three Aerial Photographs and 1910 Russian Military Map

This animation compares the three overlapping Aerial Photographs taken in January, 1945 (# 156, 157 and 158), and the 1910 Russian Military map (1:50,000). ID numbers on the photos increased as the reconnaissance plane plane flew northwards.  (Some firewall or ad-blocking settings may block this .gif animation, and it may not be visible with some operating systems or devices.)

three photos on map  

The three photographs just miss Anielin ("Anelishke") east of the Minija River, which is shown on the map.  This is the site where the Jewish women and children of Gorzd were held captive until killed in September, 1941.

A blended version of the photos and map is shown below.
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