Gargzdai (Gorzd), Lithuania

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Men's Memorial
August, 2001


"At this place in July 1941 the Hitlerists killed hundreds of Jews of the town of Gargzdai and its environs" [Lithuanian]

"Here in July 1941 the Hitlerists murdered hundreds of Jews" [Yiddish]

"This is an unhealable wound on the Lithuanian earth" [Lithuanian, on base of monument]

Translation by Tina Lunson

The Monument is located just off of Klaipedos gatve, between the bus station and an apartment complex.  The date of July, 1941, set forth twice on the monument, is incorrect.  The true date was June 24, 1941.  The present monument replaced an earlier one which had the correct date.  See photo of Original Memorial at Men's Killing Site showing date of "1941 VI 24".

Looking east toward Memorial
Looking south toward Memorial 
(raised area behind trees in center)
from Klaipedos g. (street)
Bus station west of Memorial

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