Readiness Checklist for JewishGen KehilaLinks Sites

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Town's Modern Country:
KehilaLinks page's URL:

# Yes No Query  
1. Has a Donor Agreement been submitted for this KehilaLinks site?
2. Does this KehilaLinks site contain substantive information about the town?
3. Is the required JewishGen KehilaLinks logo at the top of each page of this KehilaLinks site?  (See KehilaLinks Policy, Section V.5).
4. Is there the working link to search the JewishGen Database for the town? KehilaLinks Policy, Section XII.1).
5. Is there a required link to JewishGen-erosity on this KehilaLinks site
(  (See KehilaLinks Policy, Section V.4).
6. Are there the recommended and encouraged links to other JewishGen Projects? (e.g. Yizkor Book, JOWBR):
8. Are there links to appropriate JewishGen databases for this town? 
9. Is there any Yizkor Book material included on this KehilaLinks site?  (See KehilaLinks Policy, Section XIII.2).
10. Is there any cemetery/burial data on this KehilaLinks site?  (See KehilaLinks Policy, Section XI.3).
11. Are there any static lists of over 999 entries on this KehilaLinks site that should also be donated to the JewishGen databases?  (See KehilaLinks Policy, Section XI.1).
12. Is copyrighted material properly credited? (e.g. "Source: Smith, John, The Jews of Berdichev, (Chicago, 1984) used with permission of author.").
13. Is there any commercial mention on this KehilaLinks site? (e.g. the program used to create the pages, commercial hit counter, etc.)  If yes, remove inappropriate commercial mentions.  (See KehilaLinks Policy, Section XIII.1).
14. Are there any listings of professional genealogical researchers (with hotlinks to their addresses) on this KehilaLinks site?  If so, have you removed the hotlink and included the required disclaimer that JewishGen does not recommend any professional researchers, but provides a listing of names for information purposes only?  (See KehilaLinks Policy, Section XII.3).
15. Is this KehilaLinks site free of material critical of any researcher, website, archive or organization?  If your answer was no, have you removed the prohibited material?  (See KehilaLinks Policy, Section XII.3).
16. Are there any links to commercial sites on this KehilaLinks site?  If yes, do they meet the reason for allowing a commercial link?  (See KehilaLinks Policy, Section XII.2).
Please identify the commercial site(s):
17. Does this KehilaLinks site contain any logos identifying other programs, such as offsite mailing lists?  If yes, remove the logo and use the words "to participate in our mailing list click here", and create a link to whatever offsite mailing list you are using.  (See KehilaLinks Policy, Section XIII.6).
18. Is this KehilaLinks site operating any kind of research program for individuals requiring fees?  If yes, all mentions of such activity must be removed immediately.  (See KehilaLinks Policy, Section XIII.7).
19. Is the site owner identified by name, and reachable via a current working e-mail link?  (See KehilaLinks Policy, Section V.3).

Name of evaluator and date submitted to KehilaLinks Project Coordinator:

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