History of Cotopaxi

Colorado, USA

Cotopaxi, 38 22' 13" N / 105 41' 17" W, Fremont County, about 125 miles SW of Denver, Colorado.  Take I-25 South to Hwy 115, South to Hwy 50 West.  Approximately 35 miles west of Canon City CO.

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Much has been said about Cotopaxi.  So it would seem that if it has been said, it could be verified with documents and public records.  If it was a story or interview that was written, there should be enough proof to verify the stories are true.  This site will link (in time) to all the written stories, the documents, the evidence and allow you to make a conclusion.  Much has already been done by Nelson and Cruz Moore.


items not yet linked will be added in time

2 Jul
Leadville Herald Article
23 Oct
Julius Schwarz Report on the Cotopaxi Colony
30 Jan
Denver Committee Rebuttal
12 Feb
anonymous ltr to editor (possibly Meyer Hart)
23 Feb
HUAS letter
2 Mar
Julius Schwarz rebuttal to the Denver Committee
25 May
Ph. Nussbaum letter to the editor
20 Sep
Buena Vista "Democrat" article

Dorothy Roberts story published in "The Colorado Magazine"

Flora Jane Satt's Thesis on the Cotopaxi Colony  Nelson Moore received permission to publish this article his website.  No one else has permission to publish it.  If you see it published somewhere else, know that it is probably in violation of copyright law.  There are those who have rewritten this thesis, omitting Flora's footnotes and bibliography, inserting their own.  They are in violation of copyright law.

Elizabeth Guilliford's account published in "The Sun"

"Colorado Central Magazine" by Nancy Oswald

"The Jewish Magazine" article by Kerry Klinger
If you have additional articles about the Colony that you would like to have posted here, feel fee to submit them to Jen Lowe.

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