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Cotopaxi, 38 22' 13" N / 105 41' 17" W, Fremont County, about 125 miles SW of Denver, Colorado.  Take I-25 South to Hwy 115, South to Hwy 50 West.  Approximately 35 miles west of Canon City CO.

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In 1882, fifty Jewish Immigrants from Russia came to Cotopaxi to establish an agricultural colony.  Over the next 2 years an additional 27 Jews joined this group, some remaining only a few weeks.  By 1884, everyone had left. 

Jer 30:21 states, "Set thee up way marks, make thee guide-posts; set thy heart toward the highway, even the way by which thou wentest: turn again, O virgin of Israel, turn again to these thy cities."

This website is a roadmark, a guide-post, in honor of the lives the Colonists led, as well as a place to put links, documents, oral histories and other information about the Jewish Agricultural Colony at Cotopaxi, Colorado.

My brother, Nelson Moore, and his wife, Cruz, have done most of the work on establishing a website honoring the Jews who immigrated to Cotopaxi in 1882. They reside between the Zedek and Minkowsky properties and our family has lived in Cotopaxi since 1973.  We are not related to any of the colonists by marriage or blood, nor do we descend from anyone related to the Colonists.  This is simply a "labor of love" and a quest to find the names of the Jewish immigrants buried in the Cotopaxi Cemetery.

These pages will serve as a help for others who are researching the Cotopaxi Colony.

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