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Jacob Eichenbaum

Russian educator, poet, and mathematician; one of the pioneers of modern education among the Russian Jews; born in Krasnopolie, Galicia, Oct. 12, 1796; died at Kiev Dec. 27, 1861.

He showed extraordinary ability in Hebrew and mathematical studies. In 1836 he published at Leipsic, under the title "Kol Zimrah," a series of Hebrew poems. This little book was one of the first productions of Neo-H... [more]

Isaac Matveevich Krassilchik or Krasil'shchik

Russian naturalist; one of the pioneers of research in the fight against pests by living organisms that led to the development of biopesticides.

Born April 14, 1857, in Kishinev in Bessarabia, then Russian. He died November 3, 1920 in a Romanian Bessarabia (annexed in 1918).


Yekhiel Shraybman

Yiddish writer born in Vad-Rashkev in 1913 and deceased in Kishinev in 2005.

In the 1930s he lived in Bucharest, working as a prompter at a Yiddish theater. Affiliated with illegal socialist circles, he took part in Komsomol underground work.

Shraybman's first stories, devoted to workers' lives, were published in 1936 in the New York journal Signal, which was a forum for proletarian writ... [more]

Yehuda Leib Tsirelson

Born in 1859 to the Rabbi of Kozelets, he was considered a prodigy at a very young age and became the Rabbi of Priluki when he was only nineteen.

In 1908 he was appointed chief official and religious rabbi of Kishinev and received the title of honorable citizen of Russian empire in 1911.

He wrote in various periodicals in Hebrew, Yiddish and Russian about Jewish issues, mostly of a polit... [more]

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