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Cemetery Entrance! Heavy Spring Overgrowth Last Burial in Bucecea Jewish Cemetery

See a detailed description of the Bucecea Cemetery on International Jewish Cemetery Project  Note that in Feb 2010 this site has two different descriptions for the Bucecea cemetery. The 2nd one (US Commission No. _) is incorrect. Bucecea is 20 km from Botosani not 2km. The last burial is not 1945, but rather 1975.

There are 657 records on JOWBR for the Bucecea cemetery. Unfortunately, JOWBR has the Bucecea records grouped under Bucovina which is historically incorrect and may make your search fail to find anythhing until they correct this.  If you search ALL REGIONS (ie the entire JOWBR holdings) you will find your exact records but you may also find too many similar names from everywhere else.  We have tried contacting JOWBR since 2009 but as of 2013 the correction has not been made. 

Many of the stones before 1900 are barely readable. Sometimes a date is available and sometimes only a name and perhaps just the given name.You can quickly browse the entire database as follows:

1) sign on Jewishgen and go to the JOWBR data base

2) Search town starts with BUC   (gives a few extra misspellings)

3) Specify Region=Bucovina (listed under Romania)

4) You will get 12 full pages of 50 and one more page with a few records. You may be able to browse this quickly since many have limited data. On occasion you may find names or dates on the stone that were not transcribed because they were barely readable.  With some extra effort, a large screen, good eyes, and backgound in Romanian/ Jewish names/dates you may be able to make out more details on some of the stones.. There are other clues. Sometimes close families members are buried near each other. In some cases stones in the same row or section may be roughly the same age. Out of the first 10 records that were not transcribed  and listed as "undecipherable" we found that four names were decipherable so who knows what could happen with more effort: 

 print record 1 - (db recnum 1) Estera

 print record 3 - (db recnum 3) Herman Golden

 print record 5 - (db recnum 9) Iosub Avraham

 print record 6 - (db recnum 10) Herscu Ghingold

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