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Jewish Landscapes gallery

The Choral Synagogue Today

Photo circa 2015

Built at the end of the 19th century. The Romanian king requested to add a crown to the building.
In Soviet times, the Choral Synagogue was the gym. In 2001 was returned to the Jewish Community and the first Passover seder took place.
Today, the synagogue has a Torah scroll, transferred from Odessa Rabbi Gisser. That the Torah, which was once a synagogue ... [more]

The Choral Synagogue Today

Photo circa 2015

Closer view.

Lost Synagogue

Photo Winter 1941-42

Of the 5 synagogues that once existed in Akkerman only 2 of the buildings remain today.

This is one of the lost synagogues, originally located in the crossroad of Streets Preobrazhenskaya and N.Trubetskogo

Lost Synagogue (old and today view of the site)

The crossroad of Streets Preobrazhenskaya and N.Trubetskogo.
In the upper picture we see the Synagogue already abandoned.
In the lower picture the current building in the same site.

The Workman's Synagogue

Photo circa 1917
source: Belgorod-Dnestrovskiy Archive
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