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Meir (Mario) Botoshanski

He was born in 1913 to a wealthy family in Akkerman, his father was Sioma Botoshanski. As a boy of 8 years he won the admiration of all his listeners when he sang solo as a member of the synagogue choir. His first teacher was the cantor Moshe Cohen, who taught him the fundamentals. When he was thirteen he attracted everyone's attention when he sang at his own Bar-Mitzva party. He went to the "Tarb... [more]

Moshe Kogan

He was cantor in the Great Synagogue and music teacher in the "Tarbut" Hebrew School. He was an active Zionist, was involved in community matters and founded the Zionist choir Hazamir [The Nightingale]. He had a beautiful and pleasant tenor voice. During Holidays and during the "Days of Awe" [Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur] He was accompanied by a choir. Since he smoked much, his voice be... [more]

Yakov Gottlieb

Known by his nickname "Yankel the hoarse" or "Yankel with the husky voice" - he certainly deserves to be the first on the list. He was born in 1852 Trostyanitz near Odessa, was blessed with a pleasant alto voice and was a member of the cantor Betzalel Odesser's choir. For some time he was cantor in Odessa and was very appreciated. After he married the daughter of a rich man in Akkerman... [more]
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