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Bat Shlomo, Israel
בּת שׁלמה

Coordinates:  32° 35' 48.83" N  35° 00' 11.51" E
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Northern Bat Shlomo & route 70 overpass
Northern Bat Shlomo & Route 70 Overpass
(photo: Rick J. Pelleg)
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Bat Shlomo1 (Salomon's Daughter) is located on the southern slopes of Mount Carmel in Northern Israel. The moshava was founded in 1889 as a settlement connected with the nearby Zichron Ya'akov. The creation of Bat Shlomo, funded by Baron Rothschild, is named after Betty Salomon, the daughter of Salomon Mayer von Rothschild; the latter was Baron Rothschild's uncle and grandfather.

Loquat Tree
Loquat Tree
(photo by: Aftabbanoon)
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According to the British Mandate Census of 1922, Bat Shlomo had a population of sixty-six people, consisting of fifty-three Jews and thirteen Moslems2. Nine years later, the 1931 Mandate Census showed the population to consist of thirty-five Muslims and fifty-one Jews.

For more than sixty years, Bat Shlomo was a major supplier of grapes to the Carmel Winery; it currently produces loquats3, a fruit tree native to China. A boutique winery, Bat Shlomo Vineyards, was founded in 2010. Here is the Bat Shlomo Vineyard's Story together with a dedication to the Baronness Betty Salomon de Rothsdchild.

Surviving more than one-hundred years is the street in Bat Shlomo where Baron de Rothschild walked when he visited the moshava. Also surviving from that time are quaint stone houses with Marseilles-tiled roofs. Still growing behind these houses are mulberry trees planted under the auspices of Baron de Rothschild. To learn more, visit Bat Shlomo: Cheese Makers, Farmers, & Olive Oil Producers.

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