Banyliv-Pidhirnyi, Ukraine

Alternate names: Banyliv-Pidhirnyi [Rus], Banila pe Seret [Rom], Banila am Sereth [Ger], Banyliv-Pidhirnyj [Ukr],
Banilla Moldawska [Pol], Banila, Mold Banila, Moldavskiy Banyliv-Pidhirnyi, Moldauish-Banilya

Region: Bukovina

Coordinates: 48° 05' N, 25° 29' E  Storozhynetz/Banyliv-Pidhirnyi Area

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Updated: January, 2016

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Banyliv-Pidhirnyi Holocaust Victims

Banila community, like many other Jewish communities has scarified many of its members during World War II.

In January 2016, while preparing to move the office of the World Organization of Bukovina Jews from Tel-Aviv, Israel to a rented office, the people found a set of testimonies of Banila Survivors, taken years ago (date unknown), some written and some printed in Hebrew.

I, Baruch Eylon, formerly Alper, have carefully read them and found a couple of testimonies that were written and archived by Yad Vashem (Testimonies of Mrs. Sosi (Prima) Prager, the daughter of Banila's Rabbi and Mrs. Bracha Avrahami).

In addition I found two lists, written by Mr. Arye Weber:

  1. List of Banila (Pe Siret), Bukovina Jews, who fell during World War II - 1941-1944. Lina Alper's brother (Avraham Gertler) is in the list. Lina Alper is my mother. View List in Excel or PDF
  2. Banila (Pe Siret), Bukovina Jews who perished in the Holocaust. My parent's families are listed here. View List

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