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JewishGen KehilaLinks is for those who want to place their own family histories in a wider context, to get beyond lists of names and dates.  The goal is to develop a kind of grass-roots atlas of Jewish life, a way to share the stories and histories of the cities, towns and villages where our ancestors lived.

If you have memoirs, historical material, photos, maps, or anything else that can illuminate a particular community, you're invited to contribute.  If you know how to set up a web page in HTML and are ready to design your own page(s), please see the KehilaLinks Policy and KehilaLinks Documentation, and contact the KehilaLinks Coordinators to let us know what place you'd like to create a site for.  If you need help creating a KehilaLinks site, technical or conceptual, let us know and we'll try to assist.  You may want to do it yourself, or you might collaborate with others who have roots or interest in a particular town.  One good way to link up is through the JewishGen Family Finder (JGFF).

For full instructions for creating your own KehilaLinks site, look at our documentation.  It's an organic process with lots of room for new ideas, so feel free to develop your own approach within the guidelines.

To see which towns already have a KehilaLinks site, check out the KehilaLinks Directory.

If you are having difficulty locating your town on the map, try the JewishGen Gazetteer.

If you have a technical or administrative question about the project, you can contact the KehilaLinks coordinators (we are not equipped to assist you in your research, only to help you in contributing to the KehilaLinks project):

On behalf of JewishGen, Inc., we want to personally invite all of you to participate!  We always welcome your comments, suggestions and ideas.

JewishGen, Inc. is able to provide and maintain the many projects we sponsor only through the JewishGen-erosity of you, the participants.  If you see benefit in this or the other services provided by JewishGen, Inc. please help by lending your support NOW!

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