ZEIMELIS   (Lithuania)

Еврейская община Жеймялиса (Литва) веб-страницы на русском языке отсюда:

Square in Zeimelis

  1928  demonstration. Probably on Feb 16 th, the Day of Independence of Lithuania.

Alternate names:  Zeimys, Zemel, Zheimel, Ziemel, Zejmele, Zeimeli, Zeymel, Zoimel, Жеймялиса
Location:  latitude: 56° 17´  longitude: 24° 00´
 121.9 miles NNW of Vilnius very close to the Latvian border.

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View Map   of Zeimelis (Zejmele) and surrounding areas, from WWI 
German Military Map Collection, entitled Karte Des Westlichen Russlands

History of Zeimelis -

Pictures of People -

Zeimelis  Jewish Cemetery -
Zeimelis  1834 Revision List -
Zeimelis  1919 Hebrew School Students List -
Zeimelis  1919 Visiting Students List -
Zeimelis  1920 Jewish Citizen List -
Zeimelis  1920-1924 Taxpayers List -
Zeimelis  Mass Murder Victims List August 8, 1941 -
Zeimelis  Merchants List 1895-1911.   in     English    or     Russian
Zeimelis  Lists of Urban Voters for the State Duma Elections 1905-1912
                               in     English    or     Russian

Zeimelis  1860-1880 Births List in Russian.     ( Download  as a Word Document ) 

Zeimelis  Coat of Arms -

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My second web site I created about the Zeimelis Jewish Community. Most of the contents of this web site were provided by my colleague and fellow researcher Anatolij Chayesh. Our goal for this web site is to display articles, lists, documents and photos, from mostly Anatolij's research of the ZEIMELIS Jewish Community. Since Anatolij's native language is Russian, this web site hosts many of his original works in Russian.
My third web site I created about the Zeimelis Jewish Community, featuring my latest additions, with many photos and documents.
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What Census Records Tell Us about Jewish Families of 19th Century Lithuania, a Case Study: the Shtetl Zeimelis 1816-1853
By Anatolij Chayesh, February 2018

Box-Tax Paperwork Records
By Anatolij Chayesh, June 2003

Urban Voters for the State Duma Elections 1905-1912
By Anatolij Chayesh, April 2002

"Jewish Craftsmen in Kaunas Gubernia, from the Standpoint of Genealogy and Local History(According to Materials in the Saint Petersburg Archives)" . June 2000. by Anatolij Chayesh

" The Expulsion of the Jews from Lithuania in the Spring of 1915: The Case of Zeimelis "
by Anatolij Chayesh

On the Front Line in Lithuania, 1915 Stories of Jewish Eyewitnesses.  (Part I)
By Anatolij Chayesh.

On the Front Line in Lithuania in 1915 Stories of Jewish Eyewitnesses. (Part II)
By Anatolij Chayesh.
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