Zeimelis, Panevezys District.
Merchants List 1895-1911.
    Vsia Rossiia. Russkaia kniga promishlennosti, torgovli, sel'skogo hoziaistva i
    administratsii. Adres-kalendar 'Rossiiskoi imperii'
    "All Russia". Russian book of industry, trade, agriculture and administration.
    Address Calender of the Russian Empire.
    Edition of A. S.  Suvorin. [St. Petersburg] - 1895, 1897, 1899, 1900, 1902.

      Vsia Rossiia. Spravochnaia kniga rossiiskoi promyshlennosti, torgovli, sel'skogo hoziaistva i
    administratsii, predstavitelei obshchestvennoi i chastnoi sluzhebnoi deiatel'nosti i pr.
    "All Russia". The help book of the Russian industry, agriculture and administration,
    representatives of public and private service and economic activity, etc.
    Edition of L. M. Fish Society. -Kiev.- [1911] .

Compiled by Anatolij Chayesh. St. Petersburg. Russia.
    Translated from Russian into English by Yuriy Levin.
    Edited by Barry Mann.

Surname, first name and Patronymic Year of Edition Trade or Business
Abramovich Girsh ben Movsha 1899 Inn, Groceries and provisions
Abramovich Girsh ben Movsha 1902 Warehouse for wheat
Abramovich Girsh ben Movsha 1911 Textiles **
Abramovich Reiza bat Girsh 1911 Drugstore
Chayesh 1895 Groceries
Chayesh Freida bat Movsha 1900 Various Goods
Chayesh Freida bat Movsha 1902 Groceries
Chayesh Leizer ben Matus 1902 Flax warehouse
Chayesh Leizer ben Matus 1911 Textiles **
Chayesh Movsha ben Matus 1911 Bread 
Erlich Gut ben Aizik 1911 Groceries **
Erlich Vulf ben Aizik 1911 Groceries
Ger Ari ben Abel 1911 Textiles **
Ger Berel ben Abel 1902 Warehouse for wheat
Iserov Sora bat Gets. 1911 Groceries
Itkin Yosel 1911 Gold and Silver products **
Karpus Eta bat Shmuel 1911 Pharmaceutical goods
Kissin Notel ben David 1899 Grocery store **
Kissin Notel ben Bentsion 1897 Dairy store
Kleinman Itsko ben Gilel 1911 Groceries **
Kleinman Yosel ben David 1911 Groceries **
Miliunski Bentsion 1911 Bread 
Shlezinger Movsha ben Itzik 1899 Groceries
Taruts Mera bat Chaim 1911 Goods from leather
Vulfson 1895 Groceries
Yankelevich Rachel bat Mordke 1911 Groceries **
Zagorski Dveira bat Leizer 1911 Textiles **
Zagorski Golda bat Leizer 1900 Groceries
Zak Eta - Necha 1911 Groceries
** Merchants second Guild

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