Compilation of Memories (Memoirs)
Part 50


It took us almost two years to translate this wonderful diary. We wanted Grandfather’s flavor to remain, which sometimes made exact translation difficult. In the first English translation we were literal. In our editing we tried to make some of the sentences clearer in meaning.

In writing about Grandfather Abraham and his diary, we came to understand the conflict and contradictions in Jewish life in the changing world.

Grandfather was at the edge of the modern times even though he was deeply religious and followed all the Mitzvot. He recognized the need for Haskalah, the languages of the country, the arithmetic, and mathematics and how to deal with the new economy. He was a Zionist, before Herzl called the first Congress. He was in fact, a truly modern man. He gave all his children a freer education than he had and paid the price with how his children developed. None of them remained religious. All of them were free thinkers. His hope for the future was in the grandchildren.

We the grandchildren met this grand old man in Israel at the time of his 90th year. We liked and respected him and regret the lost opportunity to discuss his life, the family and his thoughts. We are very lucky we have this amazing story of his life.

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Zabolotiv, Ukraine

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