Compilation of Memories (Memoirs)
Part 8

After the Army

(Pages 28/29)

The dawn arose; the call went out from the voices of young Jews. People of vision, spirit and knowledge like Moshe Hess, Benjamin Zeev Herzl wrote books that informed us to quickly establish a Hebrew, independent country, the Land of Israel. God moved the spirit of one of the richest Jews, Baron Edmond Benjamin d’Rothschild from Paris, to acquire thousands of dunam of land in Eretz Israel. Jews started to come from the diaspora, from Russia and Rumania. The Baron built houses for them and gave each family up to 300 dunam in order to plant grain, fruit trees, gardens and vegetables. Several villages were established and hundreds of dunam of forests were planted. The Jews in the western part of Galicia woke up and established the organization “Ahavot Zion”, Lovers of Zion in the city of Tarnov. They acquired 5,000 dunam from the Baron Rothschild in the Upper Gallali in order to establish a settlement of Galicianer, people from Galicia. They chose the first ten pioneers to come to the country to a place called Machaniam and the settlement began. The young would quickly and hopefully get army training, body and soul.

(Grandfather Abraham received a typewriter from Uncle David, his son, in 1937. We assume that these last two paragraphs were written between the years 1937-1940.)

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Zabolotiv, Ukraine

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