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Abraham Keusch. Born April 1866, died December 1959. Picture taken at age about 88, while living at Rechov Fierberg 23, Tel Aviv.

Abraham Keusch. Picture taken at age about 50 in Tel Aviv.

Wedding picture of Zissel (Naomi) Fogel Keusch to Aaron Keusch on November 1, 1925, in Stanislau, Poland.

Zissel, Menachem, and Shimshon Keusch (killed in the Shoah)

Aaron Keusch’s family with Abraham Keusch

Various family members (all but Yoseph, the person in the left hand picture, were killed in the Shoah; Yoseph, Abraham Keusch’s son, went to the United States and disappeared). Written under the group of pictures by Grandfather Abraham (the translation is according to the numbers in the photos):

1) Aaron זל son of Abraham and Rivka Edel זל born in year 1897 in Yablonov.

2) His wife Zissel (Naomi) זל was born in about 1906 daughter of Abraham Fogel זל.

3) Shimshon Joseph their son born in Stanislav in 1928.

4) Taube daughter of Abraham and Rivka Edel זל born in 1895 in Lukovitz, Bukovina. Married to Benjamin Bloch in 1922.

5) Daughter of Taube and Benjamin Bloch Hadassah Edel born in 1926 in Stanislav.

6) Devorah daughter of Benjamin and Taube about about 1928 in Dalatin.

7) Benjamin Bloch son of Yeshua Bloch זל was killed in Mauthausan in 1944.

8) Without a picture—Joseph son of Taube and Benjamin Bloch born 1938 in Dalatin. Taube and the three children were murdered in Dalatin.

9) Menachem son of Aaron and Zissel זל born 1926 in Stanislav. Was taken for forced labor by the Nazis and killed in 1943.

They cry REVENGE from their graves!

10) My son Joseph born in 1902 drown in the ocean in New York in 1923.

Taube Keusch/Bloch. Born in 1895 in Lukovitch, killed with her children 1943 in Dalatin.

Nathan Kausch, eldest son of Abraham, in 1917. Nathan was in the Jewish Legion going to Eretz Israel to fight the Turks.

Dave’s parents Nathan and Rivka Hager Keusch in New York City, 1920; both were born in Zablotov.

Aaron Keusch

Dave and Ruth Keusch at their wedding, June 12, 1955, in Brooklyn, New York City

Nathan Keusch’s tombstone in Fall River, Massachusetts, in 1949

Pictures from David and Ruth’s visit to Israel in 1956 when his grandfather was 90

Abraham Keusch, 1956

Abraham and Dave Keusch, 1956

Grandfather Abraham and Dave’s mother Rivka Keusch, 1956

Rivka, Uncle David, Grandfather Abraham, and Ruth Keusch, 1956

Dave, Grandfather Abraham, and Uncle David Keusch, 1956

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