Warka today...

Franciszkanska Street showing shops on right side once owned by Jews.
Entrance to the town hall
Entrance to the Urząd Stanu Cywilnego (Civil Registration Office)
Warka manufactures cheap beer and wine. The "Warka" sign over the restaurant is for the beer.
Graffitti covers the symbolic mausoleum commemorating Rabbbi Yitzhak Kalish of Warka, a well-known Hassidic rabbi. The rabbi, who died in 1848, is buried somewhere at the cemetery. The cemetery is on the banks of the Pilica river.
Not a single tombstone remains at the site of the Jewish cemetery; all were destroyed during the Holcoaust.
Gary Mokotoff in the church conservatory in Warka examining civil registration (birth, marriage and death) records from the 1820s.