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~ Religious Life ~

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~ Volovets' Cemetery ~

Jewish families that lived in Volovets', and other nearby villages such as Huklyvyy, used the shared Huklyvyy/Volovets' cemetery as the final
resting place for their loved ones.

The Jewish cemetery is located outside of town — on the mountainside — but it is within the corporate limits of Huklyvyy, not Volovets',
however, using either "Huklyvyy cemetery" – or – "Volovets' cemetery" would be correct. The cemetery seemed that it is periodically
maintained. The cemetery gate is locked and one needs to get the key before walking up the mountain.

In the documents section of the "Other" tab, you will find a link to a U.S. Commission Report completed in 2005 that attempted to document
Jewish Cemeteries (and Synagogues and Mass Grave Sites) in Ukraine. This cemetery is not listed as well as many other village cemeteries
of the Zakarpats'ka oblast.

Click HERE to visit the Huklyvyy KehilaLink web site with cemetery images.

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