Vil'khivka Family Photos

To be inclusive, we contacted all of the Vil'khivka researchers with an e-mail address listed in JewishGen (as of 9 August 2013).
We asked each person contacted for family photographs or anything else to make the Vil'khivka shtetl web pages in JewishGen's
KehilaLinks more interesting for all current and future researchers. Our sincere appreciation is expressed to all who responded.

Below, you will find photos of families that once lived in Vil'khivka. In most cases, the photos you see survived the Holocaust only
because they were mailed to relatives in the United States and elsewhere.

If you have any family photos of the Jewish families from Vil'khivka,
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( * = Murdered in Auschwitz )

~ Individual Family Photos ~

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~ Multi-Person Family Photos ~

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Marton WEISS and Magda KAPOCHI
Engagement Dinner

Photo: Courtesy of Daniel WEISZ, France

The reception was held in the private dining room of the family restaurant, in Budapest

Seated, l to r: Dege (David) ROSENTHAL, Armin WEISS, David Mendel WEISS, Yeneu ROSENTHAL holding Magda ROSENTHAL, Maurice WEISS and Vili or Vali MARKOWITCH (a family friend)

Standing, l to r: Sher (née FITÉ) SCHER, Alexander (Sandor) WEISS, Rabbi WOURCEL, Serena (Sarah/Souri) WEISS, Bandi VERES, Yeno GOTLIEB, Rabbi NOURCEL, Magda KAPOCHI, Marton WEISS (fiance), Boszi GOTLIEB, Lenke WEISS, Rogi SCHER, Ella (née FRIEDMAN) WEISS, Ms. KAPOCHI, Regika WEISS, unknown family friend, Dr. KAPOCHI, Emile WEISS and Lenke WEISS

~ Hungarian Forced Labor Battalions ~

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Daniel WEISZ, France

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