Verkhnye Vodyane Holocaust

The day after Passover 5704 (16 April 1944), the general roundup of all Verkhnye Vodyane's Jews began.
They were all taken to the ghetto, where they cowered for a month or so and then were transported to Auschwitz.

~ Verkhnye Vodyane Holocaust Data ~

The names below are from the Nevek deportation lists.
(Source: The Nevek Deportation List database at the Nevek-Klarsfeld web site.)

Disclaimer: The following names were found searching the Nevek-Klarsfeld web site for individuals listed as living in or born in Vyšná Apša. Unfortunately, for reasons unknown, the list is incomplete.

If your family member is not listed below, see the Yad Vashem Archives - Central Database of Shoah Victims' Names, a more complete database of names.

( * = Not transcribed; -né suffix at the end of a name = Mrs. )

NAME Year of Birth NAME Year of Birth NAME Year of Birth
ADLER, Becalel 1909 HOFFMANN, Marton 1909 RATH, Mozes 1918
ADLER, Jozsef 1901 HOFFMANN, Marton 1913 REISNER, Mihaly 1903
ADLER, Lazar 1900 HOFFMANN, Menyhert 1915 RIESEL, Adolf 1902
ADLER, Mozes 1892 HOFFMANN, Pal 1919 RUTTNER, Geza 1918
BASCH, Mozes 1911 HOFFMANN, Saje 1881 RUTTNER, Mendel 1915
BASCH, Mozes 1915 HOFFMANN, Saje 1914 SCHECHTER, Leib 1906
BEINISOVICS, Saje 1916 HOFFMANN, Saje 1919 SCHNITZLER, Regina 1924
EISIKOVICS, Pepi 1925 HUSZ, Kalman 1919 STEINBERGER, Ignacné 1886
FALKOVICS, Rahel 1912 HUSZ, Salamon 1920 SZENDEROVICS, Mozes 1914
FARKAS, Anna 1926 KATZ, Salamon 1914 SZENDEROVICS, Mozes 1924
FARKAS, Mor 1919 KAUFMANN, Abraham 1914 SZENDEROVICS, Rivka 1924
FARKAS, Rozsi 1914 KAUFMANN, Efraim 1907 SZENDEROVITS, Marton 1927
FEIG, Chaim 1912 KAUFMANN, Helen 1925 TERNOVICZ, Leb 1912
FEIG, Eszter 1927 KAUFMANN, Hers 1908 TERNOVICZ, Lenke 1907
FEIG, Sari 1922 KAUFMANN, Simon 1917 TESZLER, Salamon 1909
FOGEL, Saje 1914 KAUFMANN, Szerena 1927 VEGH, Laszlo 1910
FOGEL, Simon 1919 KOHN, Jozsef 1907 VEGH, Zoltan 1916
FRIED, Samuel 1909 KONIG, Mendel 1917 WEISER, Bernat 1906
FRIEDMANN, Szerena 1914 KOPOLOVICS, Geza 1915 WEISER, Marton 1914
GLUCK, Simon 1907 LAZAROVICS, Zalman 1902 WEISZ, Andorné 1919
GLUCK, Zsuzsa 1927 MAJEROVICS, Emil 1910 WIDDER, Simon 1914
GROSS, Izidor 1911 MAJEROVICS, Samuel 1914 WIESEL, Izidor 1907
GUTTMANN, Haim 1913 MAJEROVITS, Cecilia 1925 WIESEL, Jakab 1914
GUTTMANN, Henrik 1906 MANDEL, Abraham 1910 WIESEL, Samuel 1918
HERSKOVICS, Hinde 1927 MANDEL, Margit 1923 WIESEL, Szandek 1916
HERSKOVICS, Sari 1925 MANDEL, Mozes 1912 ZELMANOVICS, David 1907
HERSKOVITS, Dezso 1913 MECHLOVICS, Samuel 1915 ZELMANOVICS, Haim 1906
HOFFMAN, Zalman 1905 NEUMANN, Izidorné 1915 ZELMANOVICS, Marta 1912
HOFFMANN, Burech 1911 PERL, Gabor 1907 ZELMANOVICS, Marton 1905
HOFFMANN, Lazar 1914 POLLAK, Samuel 1915    
HOFFMANN, Leib 1919 RATH, Fisel 1908    

~ Verkhnye Vodyane Holocaust Survivors ~

Below are items and links to personal stories by survivors of the Holocaust from Verkhnye Vodyane.
If you have a personal story to share by a survivor of the Holocaust from Verkhnye Vodyane, click HERE to contact me.

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