Velikiy Berëznyy Holocaust

In 1939, the Hungarians occupied Velikiy Berëznyy cutting off the Jews from their livelihoods. A few
dozen Jews were drafted into the Hungarian slave labor battalions, with some perishing on the eastern
front. Then in late July, 1941, a number of Jewish families without Hungarian citizenship, were deported
to Kamenets-Podolski in Ukraine, where they were murdered.

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Deportation of Velikiy Berëznyy Jews I

Courtesy of Yad Vashem Archives

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Deportation of Velikiy Berëznyy Jews II

Courtesy of Yad Vashem Archives

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The day after Passover 5704 (16 April 1944), the general roundup of the remaining Jews in Velikiy Berëznyy occurred forcing them into the synagogue which had a barbed wire fence around it. Afterwards, they were taken by train to the ghetto in Uzhhorod. Here, the Jews of Velikiy Berëznyy cowered for a month or so and then were transported to Auschwitz in late-May, 1944. The photograph to the right is that of the Ungvár ghetto memorial.

Photo: Copyright ©2008 by
Marshall J. KATZ

Sources (portions):
The Encyclopedia of Jewish Life Before and During the Holocaust, (2001), p. 1383

~ Velikiy Berëznyy Holocaust Data ~

Nevek Deportation List

The names below comprise the names of
individuals found in the deportation lists.
Source: The Deportation List database at the Nevek-Klarsfeld web site.

Disclaimer: The following names were found searching the Nevek-Klarsfeld web site for individuals born in or last known address of Velikiy Berëznyy (Nagyberezna, Velký Berezný). Duplicate names may or may not be the same person. Unfortunately, for reasons unknown, the list is incomplete.

If your family member is not listed below, see the Yad Vashem Archives - Central Database of Shoah Victims' Names, a more complete database of names.

( * = Not transcribed; -né suffix at the end of a name = Mrs. )

ACKERMANN, Jolan 1915 GOLDSTEIN, Izsak 1905 MULLER, Emil 1907
ADLER, Jeno 1926 GROSS, Alex 1931 NAGLER, Simon 1906
ADLER, Mozes 1926 GROSS, Bernat 1929 NAGLER, Zoltan 1911
ADLER, Rozsi 1924 GROSZ, Berta 1914 NAJOVITS, Hermann 1924
BAUMEL, Ignac 1895 GROSZ, David 1913 NEUMANN, Margit 1914
BECK, Markus 1905 GROSZ, Izidor 1900 RIPPNER, Jozsef 1925
BERGER, Etel 1922 GROSZ, Regina 1917 ROCHLITZ, Bernat 1912
BERGIDA, Ignac 1899 GRUNBERGER, Edit 1924 ROTH, Salamon 1911
BERGIDA, Jakab 1902 GRUNFELD, Piri 1923 ROTH, Simon 1897
BERKOVICS, David 1924 GRUNFELD, Piroska 1923 SALAMONOVITS, Sandor Zsigmond 1903
BERKOVICS, Izrael 1908 GRUNFELD, Salamon 1906 SCHAPSZ, Salamon 1912
BERKOVICS, Nahum 1906 GRUNWALD, Ignac 1908 SCHNEIDER, Samu 1903
BERKOVITS, Moric 1906 GRUNWALD, Jakab 1910 SCHONBERGER, Boris 1922
BERMANN, Gabriella 1925 GRUNWALD, Lipot 1906 SCHONBERGER, Lili 1925
BIEDERMANN, Andor 1913 GRUNWALD, Mozes 1911 SCHONBERGER, Margit 1920
BRAUN, Vilmos 1923 HABERMANN, Lajos 1916 SCHONBERGER, Simon 1924
BRICHTA, Albertné 1899 HANDLER, Jakob 1927 SCHONKOPF, Edit 1927
CZIRING, Gezané 1902 HANDLER, Markusz 1912 SCHREIBER, Emil 1926
DAVIDOVICS, Samuel 1928 HAUER, Helen 1924 SCHREIBER, Iren 1924
DEUTSCH, David 1907 HIMMEL, Ignac 1924 SCHREIBER, Majer 1924
DEUTSCH, Edit 1922 HIMMEL, Vilmos 1906 SCHULHOF, Dezso 1926
DEUTSCH, Eszter 1924 ICKOVICS, Jakob 1925 SCHWARTZ, Abraham 1908
DEUTSCH, Ilonka 1919 JAKOBOVICS, Albert 1927 SINGER, Henrik 1914
DEUTSCH, Isidor 1926 JAKUBOVITS, Jeno 1900 STEIGER, Hugo 1927
DEUTSCH, Jakab 1916 KATZ, Henrikné 1915 STEIGER, Ignac 1900
DEUTSCH, Malka 1917 KERTESZ, Ferencné 1894 STERN, Boris 1910
DEUTSCH, Pepi 1914 KLEIN, Etel 1916 TENNENBAUM, Hanna 1917
DEUTSCH, Regina 1921 KLEIN, Piroska 1922 TENNENBAUM, Henrik 1908
DEUTSCH, Samuel 1902 KOHN, Mor 1910 TENNENBAUM, Terez 1918
EINHORN, Lipotné 1916 KOPOLOVICS, Franciska 1924 TENNENBAUM, Tilda 1919
FALKOVITS, Salamon 1900 KOPOLOVICS, Szilvia 1927 WEINBERGER, Lipot 1914
FELDMANN, Bernat 1925 LEBOVICS, Aron 1913 WEISER, Zoltan 1912
FELDMANN, Mor 1924 LEBOVICS, Peter Dr. 1911 WEISZ, Blanka 1922
FELDMANN, Mor 1926 LEBOVITS, Margit 1921 WEISZ, Dezso 1901
FLEISCHMANN, Ilona 1926 LISZTMANN, Sandorné 1917 WEISZ, Ermin 1923
FREUND, Iren 1917 MALMOS, Miklos 1915 WEISZ, Helen 1905
FREUND, Jakab 1923 MARKOVICS, Fabian 1914 WEISZ, Henrik 1914
FREUND, Zsigmond 1919 MERMELSTEIN, Klara 1926 WEISZ, Marton 1914
FRIEDMANN, Samu 1920 MERMELSTEIN, Regina 1925 WEISZ, Regina 1904
FRISCHMANN, Lili 1923 MISKOVITS, Vilmos 1907 WEISZ, Vilmos 1904
GLUCK, Jozsef 1912 MOSKOVICS, Anna 1922 WEISZ, Zoltan 1910
GLUCK, Mendel 1912 MOSKOVICS, Mor 1908 WEISZBERGER, Sandor 1929
GLUCK, Mor 1903 MOSKOVITS, Vilmos 1907 WERCZBERGER, Abraham 1927

~ Velikiy Berëznyy Holocaust Survivor Testimonies ~

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