Lit Family

This photo of the house that was owned by Boruch Lit was taken in 1928.  The house was sold to Michel Berkal in 1930.  The side where the people are standing was a restaurant and the other side was the dwelling.
From Arky Berkal:

"It was owned originally by Moshe Leib Shapiro.  The sign on that building says Uzvaziavimo ( I think that's pretty close to the spelling.  It means literally 'drop in and sleep.'  It was operated as an inn and sold alcohol.  ... When Moshe Leib Shapiro died his son-in-law Boruch Lit acquired the property and I think he continued to operate it.  In the tax rolls Moshe Leib appears with the notation 'sells alcohol.'  That property also had one side for the dwelling of Moshe Leib Shapiro and family and the other side for the business. Boruch Lit sold the property to
Michel Berkal and one side was occupied by Michel Berkal and the other side by Berel Segal."

1 - Chaya Shapiro Lit, daughter of Moshe Leib Shapiro; 5 - Reyka Shapiro, daughter of Moshe Leib Shapiro and sister of Chaya;   6 - daughter of Chaya Lit; 7 - daughter of Chaya Lit; 8 - Itskeh Lit

Eltka Shapiro Lit and her husband Meyer Lit, 1935

Eltka was a daughter of Ester and Meir Yitzchak Shapiro.  See the
main page of this ShtetLink to read about the statue stored by Meir.
Eltkeh Shapiro Lit and husband Meyer Lit, her sister
Zeltkeh Shapiro and husband, name unknown.  The sisters are daughters of Meir Itzhak
Shapiro and his wife Ester.

Photos courtesy of Arky and Bev Berkal

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