Fisher/Shapiro Family

Moshe Leib Shapiro had at least two daughters that we know about, Sora Rivka and Shayna, as well as a son Meir Yitzchak.  Sora Rivka married Shimon
Berkal (grandparents of our photo contributor Arky) and Shayna Shapiro married Berel Segal.  

[Sora Rivka Shapiro Berkal died of cholera in 1917 while the family was in exile from Lithuania in Simferopol, Russia.]

Moshe's sister, Sara Shapiro, married Elihenoch Fisher.  Sara Shapiro Fisher was an aunt of Sora Rivka Berkal and Shayna Segal.

(Photos courtesy of Arky and Bev Berkal)

1 - Zeltkeh Shapiro; 2 -  Henneh, wife of Shlemke Fisher; 3 -  Shlemke Fisher; 4 - Eltkeh Shapiro; 5 - Zelda Tucker; 8 - Ella Klass; 16 -  Mecl Metz; 17 - Motke Fisher; 18 - Yitzhak Fisher; 19 - Tybke Fisher; 20 -  Pesach Fisher; 21 - Sara Fisher, wife of Yosef Moshe Fisher

Fisher Family in front of their store in Uzpaliai

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Also, see a modern photo of the building with a description. 

l to r:  Sara Shapiro Fisher, Bailke Fisher, Elihenoch Fisher, and Shlemke Fisher

Mordechai (Motke) Fisher, son of Sara Shapiro and Elihenoch Fisher, who was a well known baker in Ushpol.

During the Holocaust, he was taken to the cemetery with one of his brothers and shot in a small gully behind a row of graves which is still evident today. His sister escaped a house to house search by running into the woods and joining a group which managed to reach Russia.  She was the only member of her family to survive and lives in Israel today.  

Sorel Fleishman Fisher, the wife of Yosef Moshe Fisher, son of Sara Shapiro and Elihenoch Fisher.  

Yosef Moshe immigrated to Mexico and his wife and children were not able to join him.  He died there and Sorel and their children, with the exception of one daughter, were killed in the Holocaust.

Bailka Fisher, daughter of Sara Shapiro and Elihenoch Fisher.  The young man is her brother Shlemke, wearing a student cap. 

Bailka was married to a man whose family name was Gordon, first name unknown.  Bailka and her brother were both killed in the Holocaust.
Elihenoch Fisher at the grave of his father, Itzhak Fisher, in the Uzpaliai Cemetery

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Shayna Shapiro Segal and her husband Berel Segal and their children. Both were born and lived in Uzpaliai.  All of the members of the family died in the holocaust.

Tybke Fisher Frid, the daughter of Sara Rivka and Yosef Moshe Fisher and granddaughter of Sara  Shapiro and Elihenoch Fisher, with her son Moishe Frid on a visit to Uzpaliai.  She is standing on the concrete step that is all that is left of the house she lived in with her grandparents, her mother and brothers.  The house burnt down.

Tybke Fisher Frid standing in the walk that was in front of her home. She survived by reaching the forest and joining a group that made their way to Russia.  She lives in Israel today.

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