Cantor Family

The Cantor Family can be documented in Uzpaliai back to the early 19th century.  Bunim Cantor, son of Hersch, was born in Uzpaliai in 1817.  He and his wife, Mina Cohn, had eight children that we know of -- Hersch (1832-1899); Chana, married to Moishe Kasriel Trapido, (1835 - c.1918); Lippa (1840 - ?); Leiba Bryna, married to Zalmen Shimson Schwartzberg, (1845 - before 1911); Abba Isaac (1848 -1939); Solomon (1849 -1910);  Sarah Rivka, married to Abraham Silverman, (1852 -1933); and Mordechai (1855 -1896).

Abba Isaac Cantor (1848-1939) Hannah Pantinowitz (1849-1914)

We don't know where Hannah Pantinowitz was born but know that she married Abba Isaac Cantor in 1868.  Since all their children, except the youngest, were born in Uzpaliai, we assume that she came from a nearby town (probably Kamajai).
In 1888, after Uzpaliai suffered a major fire and a large part of the town burned down, the Cantor family moved to Dinaburg (modern Daugavpils , now in Latvia , then in Russia).  By the next year Abba Isaac had immigrated to New York to start a new life. He was followed by Sam, then Nathan, then Hannah and the rest of the children in 1893. (We recently discovered a 7th child, Yossel Pincus, born in 1889 in Dvinsk, Latvia.  Since no one in the family has heard of him, we assume that he died in childhood in Dvinsk before the family left in 1893.)

Samuel Cantor 1872-1952 (Shimson Bear)

Nathan Cantor 1876-1962  and David Cantor 1878-1968

Morris (1883-1975) and Esther Cantor (1886-1971), c. 1910

Morris Cantor 1883-1975 and Solomon Cantor
(Shneur Zalman) 1881-1973

Louis Wein 1889-1969 and Esther Cantor Wein 1886-1971

Photos courtesy of Linda Cantor, granddaughter of Sam Cantor and great-granddaughter of Hannah and Abba Isaac Cantor

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