Greisdorf/Greyzdorf Family

Mussa Cirl Cantor, daughter of Debra and Hersch Cantor, was born in Uzpaliai in 1859.  She was the granddaughter of Mina Cohn and Bunim Cantor and the great granddaughter of Hersch Cantor, all born and residents of Uzpaliai.  But Mussa Cirl married Itzhak Greisdorf from Sventzian and they moved to Daugavpils, then Dvinsk, Latvia.  We don't know when or why they moved but they were in Dvinsk when their children were born - Bunim in 1896, Tsruel Kalman in 1898, Mary in 1900, Sonia in 1902, and Girsch in 1905.
Mussa Cirl died in 1927 and is buried in Daugavpils. (your webmaster was able to visit her grave and pay her respects in 1995).  Bunim and his wife Leah and all their children and Mary and her husband Kusel Katz and their children were all slaughtered in the Holocaust. Tsruel Kalman died in Tashkent in 1942 and the rest of the family came to the U.S.
greis num
1 - Girsch Gresidorf; 2 Faige Ospovat Greisdorf (Tsruel Kalman's wife), 3 Bunim Greisdorf; 4 Leah Barsky Greisdorf (Bunim's wife); 5 Mary Greisdorf; 6 Rosa Greisdorf (daughter of Tsruel Kalman); 7 Tsruel Kalman Greisdorf; 8 Rifka Greisdorf (daughter of Tsruel Kalman); 9 Itzhak Greisdorf; 10 Gita Greisdorf (daughter of Bunim); 11 Boris Greisdorf (son of Tsruel Kalman); 12 Eta Greisdorf (daughter of Bunim); 13 Sonia Greisdorf  
Noemi Greyzdorf, granddaughter of Girsch and Nekha Greyzdorf, on a recent visit to Latvia took the following photo:

riga ghetto
This is from a display at the Jewish Museum in Riga, Latvia, commemmorating those Riga Jews who were killed in the Holocaust.  The Museum is at 6 Skolas Street, Riga.  Note the family of Bunim Greisdorf, all of whom were killed in 1941.

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