Aisengamer/Eisenberg Family

Menachem Mendel HaLevi Aizengamer, birth unknown, died in Uzpaliai, spouse not known, had the following children:  Tsodek Halevi Aizengamer (1823-1903) and Shmuyl Aizengamer (1825 Uzpaliai -1903 Uzpaliai). 

Tsodek, married to Hene Sime Samuel, had Izrael Halevi Aizengamer (1848 Uzpaliai -1913 Uzpaliai); Chana Frada Aizengamer (1853 Uzpaliai -1927 Pandelys); Zelda Aizengamer (1859 Uzpaliai  - ?); Max (Menachem Mendel) Aizengamer (1869 Uzpaliai -1934 Baltimore, MD); and Hyman (Chaim Aharon) Aizengamer (1873 Uzpaliai -1956 Baltimore, MD).

Israel Aisengamer Family

Israel Aisengamer (1848-1913) married Rosa (Rohklia) Arian (1855-?) and had the following children:  Moshe, Yosef, Chaim, Itzak (Isaac), and a daughter whose name is not remembered. 

Rosa Aisengamer


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Yosef Aizengamer

aisengamer yosef

Yosef Aizengamer, born in 1869 in Uzpaliai, died in 1941 in Wilna, Poland.  He was the oldest son of Izrael and Rokhlia.

Rivka Aizengamer Borkhinski, born 1901, died in 1941 in Wilna, Poland.  She was the daughter of Yosef Aizengamer and Masha Pushcarnik.

Aharon Borkhinski, born 1933, died in 1941 in Wilna, Poland.  He was the son of Rivka Aizengamer and David Borkhinski, and the grandson of Yosef Aizengamer.

Izrael Aizengamer, born 1914, died in 1941 in Wilna, Poland.  He was the son of Yosef Aizengamer.

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Itzak Aizengamer

Itzak Aizengamer, who was born May 10, 1879 in Uzpaliai and died  on April 10, 1977 in Duluth, Minnesota, served in the Russian Imperial Army.  (You can learn more about the Arian family on the Ulman/Arian page as well as the Fin page.) He married Sora Chaya Finn, child of Zev Yehuda Vulf  Leyb Finn and Rivka Raisa Aron, in Uzpaliai in December, 1903.  Sora, born in 1884, died in Superior, Wisconsin on January 21, 1942.  In America they were known as Isaac and Sarah Eisenberg. 


L to R: Louis William Eisenberg,  Chaya Sarah Finn,  Irving Eisenberg, Isaac , Charles Eisenberg

Brooklyn, about 1917

fin sora
  Sarah (Sora) Finn Eisenberg




Isaac and Sarah Eisenberg, about 1937 in Duluth, Minnesota.  


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Max (Menachem Mendel) Eisenberg (Aizengamer)

max e
                                                      Max Eisenberg, 1869 Uzpaliai - Baltimore, MD

max e fam

1.  Max (Menachem Mendel Aizengamer)  Eisenberg
2.  Chaika (Ida) Aizengamer Adirim (Adler)
3   Samuel  Eisenberg b 1898, d 1974
4.  Sara Eisenberg Silverstein b 1900, d 1990
5.  Joseph Eisenberg b 1903, d 1982
6.  Lena Eisenberg Hillman b 1905, d 1974
7.  Nathan Eisenberg b 1906, d 1971

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Eisenbergs at the 1916 meeting of the Ushpoler Benevolent Society at Baron Hirsch Cemetery, Staten Island, NY.

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[Thanks to Leslie Silverstein Mandell for these photos of the Max Eisenberg family]
 [Photos courtesy of Neal Eisenberg, grandson of Sora Chaya Finn and Isaac (Itzak) Eisenberg (Aisengamer).]

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