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Fin/Finn Family

When you visit the Ushpoler Benevolent Association of New York Burial Plot at Baron Hirsch Cemetery in Staten Island and read the names on the entrance gate, you immediately notice that the Family Finn was highly involved. With information from the JewishGen Lithuania databases and Richard Brown and Neal Eisenberg, Finn family members, we are going to tell their story. And credit and thank yous for all the wonderful photos go to Richard and Crystal Brown, Michael Scott Finn, Sandra Kay Bergman and Neal Eisenberg.

The Fin family's oldest known member was Iosel, father of Yitzhak, who lived from 1787 to 1846.  Iosel had sons Samuel (1817 - 1890) and Yeshayahu (Shaya) (1820 - 1908).  Yeshayahu (Shaya) had sons Zev Yehuda (1842 -), Iosel HaLevi (1848 - 1910) and Elyash (1856 - 1914).

The Finn Family as listed in the 1897 Lithuania Census is headed by Iosel, age 58, and his wife Chana Feiga Glaz age 43.  They have the following family members listed:  son Abram Ovel, age 17; son Khaim, age 17; son Leizer, age 3; son Srul, age 4; daughter Sora, age 13; daughter Mera Zelda, age 14; daughter Nesa, age 10; daughter Etna, age 8; and mother-in-law Vikhna Glaz, age 75.  Iosel is listed as having been born in Uzpaliai but is registered in Debeikai. His wife and children are all registered and listed as having been born in Debeikai while mother-in-law Vikhna Glaz was born in Vilkomir but is registered in Moletai.

The various tax lists for Uzpaliai include several sons of Shaya Fin:  Vulf Leyba (Zev Yehuda), Iosel, and Elyash in 1877.  Vulf Leyba is still listed in Uzpaliai in 1889 and 1892.  And Leyba, son of Tsemakh, is listed in 1892.
To learn more about the family of Sora Fin, who married Itzak Aizengamer, see the Aizengamer/Eisenberg page.

From Richard Brown:

My wife's  great-grandfather, Iosel HaLevi Fin was born in Ushpol along with at least two brothers. I do not know of sisters but I suspect there were some -  these families were big. Their father Yeshayahu ("Shaya" in Yiddish) was a shoemaker as were his offspring. We do not know the name of their mother but guess she may be buried in the Ushpol cemetery. There is a Yeshayahu listed as well as one son Zev Yehuda (Vulf Leib in Yiddish) and his wife Rivke Raisa but whether these are Fins is uncertain.

Iosel moved the family down the Sventa river valley in the late 1870s to Debeikai, which was a smaller shtetl to the north of Anyksciai. There he  practiced his shoemaking and sometimes cap making trade, selling shoes at market day in Anyksciai. He and his wife Chana Feiga Glaz raised 11 children, all but two of whom ultimately emigrated to Chelsea, Mass, my wife's grandfather Abraham included. Cousins from the Zev Yehuda Fin/Rivke Raisa side, including Abram Yehoshua Finn emigrated to NYC and thence on to Hibbing and Virginia, Minnesota in the Iron Range and thence to Los Angeles in the 1920's. The men were -you might have guessed it- shoe makers and cap makers!

fin fam

Families of Leizer Fin and Izrael Fin


L to R:  Leizer Fin, 1884-July 1941, sitting with the stern look on his face


Khana Feiga Fin nee Glaz, 1854-1931, mother of Leizer, Vulf and Israel and 8 others


Vulf Zeev Fin (1897-1962, standing behind Khana Feiga.  He emigrated shortly after this picture was taken and lived in Boston where he became the owner of a shoe factory on the north shore. He was known as William Zeev Fin in Boston.


David Fin, 1918-July 1941.  Young boy next to his grandma


Izrael Fin, 1893-July 1941.  Father of the two children and husband to Batia Rivke


Rakhel Leah Fin, 1920-July 1941 - infant daughter sitting on Izrael's lap


Batia Rivke Fin, maiden name unknown, 1898-July 1941.  The wife of Izrael and mother of David and Rakhel.

finn memorial  Photo of the  Holocaust Memorial in the forest outside of Anyksciai. Everyone in the family picture above, except for Vulf and Khana Feiga, were murdered in the end of  July (men) and the end of August (women), 1941.

Elyash Fin lived in Vizhun.  Most of the family was killed in the summer of 1941 and are believed to be buried in the Rase Forest.  One son, Frank, emigrated to New York City and is interred in the Ushpoler plot of the Baron Hirsch Cemetery, Staten Island, NY.


Family of Nesa (Ganessya) known as Annie Fin and Morris Passin

                    annie lith  Taken in Lithuania                             annie young      c. 1915                                 

annie older     1944 

Annie Fin was born on December 15, 1887, in Debeikiai, Lithuania to Iosel and Chana Feiga.  She married Morris Passin in New York City in 1909 and eventually moved to Virginia, Minnesota and finally California, where she died in 1967.  Morris was born in Russia in 1885 and died in Virginia, Minnesota in 1944.


Family of Zev Yehuda Fin and Rivka Raisa

Zev Yehuda and Rivka Raisa had the folling children:  Mendel Finn (1865-1951); Rachel Finn (1867-1946); Samuel (Schia) David Finn (1869-1955); Abraham Joshua Finn (1873-1937); Max (Mordechai Zelig Finn (1878-1940); Benjamin Finn (1879-1948); Jacob Jack Finn (1881-1946); Chaya Sarah Finn (183-1942).

(from Richard Brown)

finn mendel




Mendel Fin (c. 1865-1951), son of Zev Yehuda and Rivke Raisa, born in Ushpol, and his wife Hinda Rachael (1863-1932), maiden name unknown. This photo was probably taken in Ushpol or in a nearby town.

sons zev

Sam David Schaia Fin (left)  and his brother Benjamin Fin (right), sons of Zev Yehuda Fin and Rivke Raisa,  were most likely born in Ushpol. The photo was most likely taken in Lithuania.

fin abr fam




Abraham Joshua Fin (1873-1937), “Ushpoler” spouse Chava (Eva) Kopelansky (1870-1919) and children George 1907-1980 and Hannah 1893-1973. Photo in New York City, c. 1915


                    soldier 2 

Max Finn
son of Zev Yehuda Fin and Rivke Raisa, in the Russian Army.  This photo was taken in Tbilisi, Georgia and it appears that Max was a member of an artillery unit or infantry unit in the Russian Army.

              Simon Finn, son of Mendel Finn, grandson of Zev Yehuda Fin (b1893 d 1975)

fin max

Lena Hurwitz Finn (wife of Max Finn, b 1888-1983) and Sarah Finn Eisenberg (daughter of Josel Fin and wife of Jacob/Jack Fin, 1885-1947)  c. 1925 Duluth MN

fin jack fam

Jacob (Jack) Finn, 1881 Ushpol -1946, Los Angeles, California;  wife Sara Finn, 1885 Debeikiai -1947, Los Angeles, California (daughter of Iosel Fin); and baby Lena, 1906, New York City - 1979, Los Angeles, California.  After coming to the U.S., they lived first in New York City, then in Virginia, MN in the Iron Range, and finally in Los Angeles, CA. Jacob was a shoemaker.


finn ls 1930

Jack and Sara Finn, Los Angeles, 1930's

Back Row:  Lena (born Ushpol 1906-1979); William Louis (1917-1988); Rose Lilian (1914-1987); Jessie (1913-1990)

Front Row:  Sara (1885-1947); Edith (1921-2008); Jacob (1881-1946)

L to R: Louis William Eisenberg, Chaya Sarah Finn,  Irving Eisenberg, Isaac , Charles Eisenberg

Brooklyn, about 1917


zev yehuda fam

back photo

The children of Yehuda (Vulf Leyba) Fin and Rivke Raisa (Arian?).  All 8 siblings were believed to be  born in Ushpol and all 8 siblings emigrated to the USA.

Family of Samuel Schia David Fin

 (born in Ushpol in 1869,died in Detroit, Michigan, 1955) and Sadie (Shayna) Singer (born in Zarasai in 1871, died in Detroit, Michigan, 1950)

Their children, in order of age: 1 Tillie 1895 Ushpol -1968 Detroit, Michigan; 2 Louis1897 Ushpol -1974 Fontana, California; 3 Millie (Mirian) Ushpol - 1926
millie tillie

Tillie and Millie Fin, Ushpol, c. 1912

Millie Fin
, c. 1917 in Hibbing, Minnesota
louis bar
louis ww1
Louis Fin, Bar Mitvzah, c. 1910 Ushpol
Louis Fin, soldier in World War I
fin rachel millie wedding
Rachel Fin, c. 1917 Hibbing, Minnesota Millie Fin and Hyman Duchovney wedding, 1925

        fin fam num

                         Family of Samuel and Sadie Singer Finn, 1945

1 Frank Samuel Freeman (married to 2 Rachel Rae Finn); 2 Rachel Rae Finn; 10 their child Melvin J Freeman; 3 Joseph Julius Finn; 4 Minnie Finn; 5 Marilyn Siegel (daughter of Benjamin Siegel and Tillie Finn); 6 Tillie Finn (married to 9 Benjamin Siegel); 7 Jack H Finn (married to 11 Shirley Levenburg holding 12 daughter Estelle); 8 Marvin H Siegel (son of Benjamin Siegel and Tillie Finn); 9 Benjamin Siegel; 11 Shirley Levenburg Finn; 12 Estelle Finn; 13 Sadie Shayna Singer Finn; 14 Samuel Schaia David Finn; 15 Allen Eli Finn (son of Jack H and Shirley Levenburg); 16 unknown

Family of Eliyahu (Elyash) Finn



Family of Eliyahu (Elyash) Finn

     Frank and Rebecca (Feinstein) Finn wedding, New York City 1908       Frank and Rebecca Finn, New York City, c 1910

Morris Henry Finn 1913-1943, son of Frank Zalman and Rebecca Fin, grandson of Eliyahu Finn. The last pic is a grandson of Eliyahu Fin, Eliyahu is a son of Yeshayahu Fin, and Eliyahu is a brother to both Zev Yehuda and Iosel Fin.     Morris Henry Finn with his son, Robert Fiedler, on his shoulders, in Ellenville, NY, shortly before Morris' way-too-early death in 1943


Fin Family at Baron Hir
sch Cemetery, Staten Island, NY,  1916

This beautiful photo seems to be a meeting of the Ushpoler Benevolent Society at Baron Hirsch Cemetery, where they have an organizational plot.  The Fin family members are identified.

cem 1916 sm

Click on photo to see a larger version with identification of Fin Family members.

finn lands 1916

Photo taken at the Ushpoler Benevolent Society meeting in 1916


1.  Simon Shaye Finn

2.  Max Finn

3.  Abrahm Joshua Finn

4.  Samuel Arian

5  Samuel David Finn

6  Benjamin Finn

7.  Harry Arian

8.  Frank Finn


[Thanks to Sandra Bergman for this photo]



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