YIVO Document 3911

Uzpaliai Document 3911 from the Archives of the YIVO Institute for Jewish Research, New York, Record Group 2, Collection of Lithuanian Jewish Communities.

Vaad  Hak’hilah Ushpol


 March 9, 1922

We the undersigned Moshe Leib Shapira and Shimon Mordechai Berkal testify for the Va’ad Hak’heelah that Nechema Arek is a Lithuanian citizen bornin the shtetl of Ushpol county of Utena and is 18 years old.


Va’ad Hak’heelah.

These are the signatures of “Moshe Leib Shapira” and “Shimon Mordechai Berkal”

Chairman, Boruch Lit

Secretary, M. Birgen

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