YIVO Document 3881

Uzpaliai Document 3881 from the Archives of the YIVO Institute for Jewish Research, New York, Record Group 2, Collection of Lithuanian Jewish Communities.  This document, although originating elsewhere, was filed with Uzpaliai documents.

Vaad  Hak’hilah Ushpol


From Va’ad Hakeelah

Because of your letter to me that there is not from the Va’ad Hakeelah an obstacle to convert the son of Mr. Yosef Lashto and Leah Yachelavits I inform that from the aspect of his health there is no obstacle to his conversion and we shall call his name Yitzchak Daniel.

The 10th day of Sivan, 1923

Here we are certifying with this the signature of the Mohel., Moshe Markov

Signed by Shimon Chodnitsay

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