An excerpt from the First Turover Golden Anniversary booklet.

"… Turov is a town in White Russia at the shores of the Pripet Marshes in the region known as Poliesie [sic].

Five hundred Jewish families (approximately 1/3 of the town’s population) lived there for many generation.

The Jewish Encyclopedia by Brockhaus and Efron mentions Turov.

Materials were supplied by Dr. Smilovitsky and other contributors.

1926 Map of Turov

1928 Map of Turov

Turov Rabbis

Turov Newspaper in Yiddish (1934)

Michael Gausman about Turov, Minsk, 1877 (title page image)

Turov on the Pripyat (Courtesy of Mikhail Shifman)

Tur - The First Prince of Turov

Turov and Shekels

Turov in XII-XIII Centuries

Ancient Turov Fortress

Contemporary Turov Articles

National Historical Archives of Belarus - Turov records

Scholarly Articles written by Dr. Leonid Smilovitsky

"Catastrophe of the Jews in Belarus in 1941 - 1944”. p. 228-230 (an excerpt)

"Pogroms in Turov in 1920 - 1922”(an excerpt)

Bibliography of Dr. Smilovitsky’s Turov publications

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