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Marriage Registration
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A Marriage in 1846
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Szczerców Jewish Marriage Registration - 1846
‘The Musician’ JP Norblin 1745-1830

Szczerców Jewish Register of Marriages

~ Akt 1 ~

This occured in the town of Szczerców on 1st/13th January, year 1846 at 2 in the afternoon when the Jew Izrael Szmulowicz Erlicher, the local rabbi, personally came forward together with the Jew Dawid Dawidowicz, a soap maker, a bachelor of 23 years of age, born in Działoszyn from the lawful parents Jankiel and Laja Dawidowicz (the father is alive and resides in Działoszyn, the mother is deceased) and the maiden Hinda Huberman, 20 years old, born in Szczerców from the lawful parents Moszek and Haja Huberman, bakers, residing in Szczerców. The witnesses present are the Jews Jakub Ciechanowski, a tanner, 38 years old and Kopel Zulty, a salter, 34 years old both residing in Szczerców. The Rabbi declared that today a religious marriage was contracted between Dawid Dawidowicz and Hinda Huberman  and that marriage was preceded with three banns published on: 15th/27th December of the previous year, 22nd December/3rd January, 29th December/9th January past year/current year both in Działoszyn and Szczerców synagogues. There were no objections to the marriage. All the present parents of both spouses gave their permission for the marriage to take place. The newly-weds declare they had not previously contracted a marriage agreement. The certificate was read by us to the newly-weds and witnesses and signed by all of us, except the parents who cannot write (Polish).